Why doesn’t the print button work in my Trendview recorder browser window?

When their Remote View option is turned on, Trendview paperless recorders display recorder screens in Internet Explorer as shown here:

Trendview Post

Getting a printout was not as easy as using file > print, because the technology uses Active-X components in Windows, so the result is a blank screen; something to do with Active X and printing.

Trendview Post 2

Note the blank area where the recorder graph image should appear:

Trendview Post 3
A recent recorder firmware update added a print button to the control panel in the browser window beneath the recorder screen image that prints just the recorder screen (minus the left navigation window) to any network or local printer:

Trendview Post 4
Trendview Post 5
(Read my blogpost: How to Download Firmware Updates)

When I did this, the graph printed just as it appears on the recorder:

Trendview Post 6
But there’s more to it:

In Windows 7, an Internet Explorer security feature, Protected Mode, can prevent the print button from working. When Protected Mode is enabled, the print key generates an error message:

Trendview Post 7
Trendview Post 8
Navigating the IE path Tools > Internet Options > Security tab shows whether Protected Mode is enabled or not.  Protected Mode must be disabled (no check mark) in order to print and avoid an error message.

When you disable Protected Mode, IE 8 produces a warning bar message to remind you that the browser is running without the Protected Mode turned on. Clicking the bar brings up a means to re-enable Protected Mode after you’re finished printing.

Trendview Post 9 Trendview Post 10
As for IE8 in Windows XP, I haven’t had any difficulty in getting the print button to work as it does not appear to have a Protected Mode.

Trendview Post 11

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