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What does NAMUR NE 43 do for me?

People have asked me about setting fault alarms in level transmitter analog signals at 2mA or 3mA levels. What they typically don’t understand is that a two-wire transmitter uses the electrical current below 3.6 mA for its own power and operation. So, a 2.0 mA or 3.0 mA fault indication just isn’t possible. At these low currents, there wouldn’t be enough power to generate the fault indication signal and to keep the transmitter functioning properly. Read the rest of this entry »

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I’m not getting the readings I expect to see.

“This unit’s not giving us accurate readings.” When I hear that statement about process instrumentation, I have to step back and ask, “Are you sure it’s an accuracy issue?”

The most basic problem is that people tend to group all unexpected reading errors under the heading of “Accuracy”.

So, here’s a quick primer on measurement terminology.

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