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Webinar Recap: Back Pressure Regulators 101

In case you missed last month’s webinar with Jordan Valve on back pressure regulators, we’ve put together some of the key points.

The Control Loop: The Control Loop

Sensing element: measures the process variable being controlled, and send an output to the controlling instrument

Controlling instrument: calculates the error (difference in signal from sensing element and the desired setpoint) and sends corrective signal to final control element

Final control element: varies the flow to change the controlled variable to the required setpoint

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How do I tune a process control loop?

Industry surveys say that nearly half of all processes aren’t accurately tuned. If you read my post on accuracy, stability, and repeatability, you’ll know that a poorly tuned process can result in bad readings, downtime, and wasted materials.

If you use a Honeywell UDC2500, UDC3200, or UDC3500 1/4 DIN universal digital controller, there’s a great built-in function called Accutune that can help make sure your control process is properly tuned.

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