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Video: Troubleshooting a Maxon Shutoff Valve

We understand the inconvenience that comes with having to send an instrument out for repair, so at Lesman we try to help you determine what’s wrong with your device before you remove it from service. After all, we don’t want you to lose any uptime if it’s something that can be fixed in the field.

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Troubleshooting Maxon Shutoff Valves by Sound

Written by: A.J. Piskor

One of the key pieces of any combustion system are the safety shutoff valves. Their job is important, stop the fuel from entering the system when requested or when a fault is detected. With the harsh operating environments and demanding cycling that these valves sometimes go through, internal components have been known to fail. Not only does this bring the shutoff valve down (to a safe position), but it also brings down the combustion system with it.

Maxon shutoff valves are known for their performance, reliability, and durability. In the rare case that one of their automatic reset gas valves (Series 5000/SMA11 or 5000CP/CMA11 for normally closed models, series STOA/SMA21 or STOACP/CMA21 for normally open models) fails to perform, it’s possible that one of the internal components could have gone bad. Each Maxon automatic reset shutoff valve comes with three critical electrical components (solenoid, motor, position switch) that need to work together for the valve to operate properly. By listening to the valve cycle to its energized state, you can detect if any of these critical electrical components needs to be replaced.

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