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The Impact of Background Echoes on Ultrasonic Level Measurement

Photography is a pretty good way to illustrate the importance of background.

Look at the two photographs here. In one, the background is minimal, and focuses your eye on the subject matter. In the other, the background seriously detracts from the subject. Where should you be focusing? What’s most important?

Non-intrusive background makes focus point clear

Hard to discerne the difference between the action and all the stuff happening in the background


But unlike photography, where a good background helps you focus on the subject, in the world of non-contact ultrasonic level measurement, even a “good” background has a negative influence.  Background never contributes to a level reading, it only detracts. But Siemens has a built-in function to “cure” for the influence of backgrounds in their level devices. Read the rest of this entry »

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Flame detection failures in industrial applications

“My UV flame detector worked last week, and now it keeps shutting down the system, even though the flame is there.  I ran diagnostics, and it’s not the detector. Can you help?”

When an instrument or technology works, it’s frustrating when all of a sudden, it stops… especially when it causes your burner or boiler process to stop unexpectedly and without reason. What’s the cause?  Is it the flame detector? The control? Wiring? A valve or switch in the fuel train? Or might it be caused by the flame?

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