Get More Combustion System Data into your PLC

Written by: A.J. Piskor

Traditionally, combustion control panels have been living in a hard-wired world. More often than not, the status of a burner system is communicated by indicator lights on a Flame Safeguard (FSG) terminal.

With the increased use of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) controlling all aspects of a combustion system, customers are demanding more information from the FSG, as many operators manage their systems from a centralized control room.

While some customers have traded in their indicator lights for relays with dry contacts that feed back into their PLC, other customers are looking to simplify the communication between the FSG and PLC, while extracting more information on the operation of their burner system.

Here, we will go over some examples of technologies that are available today, and how you can get the information you need to where you need it.

Honeywell S7800A1142 Keyboard Display ModuleFor the 7800 Series FSG, Honeywell makes a few different accessories for enhanced communications.  The preferred device is their Keyboard Display module (model number S7800A1142).  This device has a local two-row by 20 column fluorescent display for the operator standing in front of the combustion control panel, and it can transmit FSG information by enabling ModBus communications.

Honeywell S7830A1005 First-Out Expanded Annunciator PanelWith this feature enabled, you can communicate flame signal strength, lockout/alarm status, and sequence status/times- just to name a few.  When used in conjunction with the Expanded Annunciator (S7830A1005), you can display first out annunciator messages for even more enhanced communication.

For additional help on setting up your 7800 with ModBus, review this whitepaper:

Honeywell’s newest combustion controls product “SLATE” offers even more enhanced communications options.  The SLATE base has an ethernet port that can be used to communicate via ModBus/TCP and also has BACnet communications capabilities.

The SLATE system can also be set-up on a local network server, and information can be displayed on an internet browser from any networked device.  When networked with a wireless router, it will allow you to view burner status information on your smartphone or tablet.

For more information on the Honeywell SLATE combustion management system and additional modules, check out our YouTube channel, or watch our playlist below:

Learn more about Honeywell Industrial and Commercial Combustion Products.


Lesman Instrument Company is the authorized Honeywell stocking distributor in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Paducah KY, Wisconsin, and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. If you are located outside that area, you can find your local sales office or get technical assistance by visiting Honeywell’s contact page.


4 A.J. Piskor, Lesman Combustion & Controls SpecialistA.J. Piskor joined Lesman as the combustion and controls specialist in early 2014 after spending nearly 10 years with our manufacturer partner, Maxon, as a technical sales engineer. Prior to that, he served as a technical sales engineer for a specialty chemical company. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering and mechanics from the University of Minnesota.

Want to learn more about combustion control systems? Call Lesman at 800-953-7626 and ask to speak to A.J.


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