Download Remote Viewer Windows Application for Honeywell Trendview Paperless Recorders

Written by: Dan Weise

One of the strongest attractions of the Trendview paperless recorders has been the ability to check the recorder screen from a desktop without having to be in front of the recorder, what Honeywell calls ‘Remote View’.


QX Recorder Screen in the Remote Viewer Window.jpg

QX recorder screen in the Remote Viewer window.

For over a decade, users have been able to use their company’s installed network infrastructure to view data on one or more recorders from their desktop using Internet Explorer (IE). That worked great until Internet Explorer 11 abandoned ‘Active-X’, the component used to update the browser display.

For anyone using Internet Explorer 11, the alternative is a free Windows software application, Remote View Windows, that does exactly the same thing as IE did – it displays a Trendview recorder screen and keeps it updated. It replaces the remote view function formerly done with the Internet Explorer browser and the now unsupported Active-X in IE 11.

A Remote View control panel selects a recorder from a list of networked recorders.

Remote View Control Panel.jpg

The application can be installed on multiple PCs, but only one PC can take control of the recorder.

Using the remote view application requires the use of three firmware credits on your paperless record, for enabling the ‘remote view’ option.

The application software file and the installation/operation instructions can be downloaded here:

These are the current versions as of March 24, 2016. For other documentation, see the Honeywell Multitrend recorder documentation page.


The application will run on multiple PCs simultaneously, but only one can take control.

PC requirements:
Microsoft PC Operating System software: Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit -Professional,
Enterprise and Ultimate Edition), Windows Server 2008, Windows 8, and Windows Server

Enjoy viewing the recorder from your desktop! If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call. I am happy to help.

(800) 953-7626


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Lesman Instrument Company is the authorized Honeywell stocking distributor in North and Central Illinois, Northern Indiana, Eastern Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. If you are located outside that area, you can find your local sales office or get technical assistance by visiting Honeywell’s contact page.


Dan Weise, Lesman Product SpecialistDan Weise, Lesman Product SpecialistDan Weise, Lesman product specialist, is an instructor for training classes on process instrumentation hardware, software, and technology.

Dan has been involved in all facets of data acquisition and process instrumentation since 1978, from sales and commissioning to service and support. He’s a long-time member of ISA, and has been with Lesman since 1988.

In his words, Dan’s the guy “who reads all the manuals nobody else reads”. In Lesman customers’ words, he’s the trainer to call if you want to “cut to the SO WHAT of instrumentation”, so it’s easy to understand.

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