Webinar Recap: Back Pressure Regulators 101

In case you missed last month’s webinar with Jordan Valve on back pressure regulators, we’ve put together some of the key points.

The Control Loop: The Control Loop

Sensing element: measures the process variable being controlled, and send an output to the controlling instrument

Controlling instrument: calculates the error (difference in signal from sensing element and the desired setpoint) and sends corrective signal to final control element

Final control element: varies the flow to change the controlled variable to the required setpoint


The Regulator: A Proportional ControllerThe Regulator

What you can expect:

  • Accurate regulation
  • Tight shutoff
  • Fast response
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Low noise
  • Low initial cost

How it works:

  • Designed to modulate to hold a specific back pressure (NOT a safety relief valve)
  • Monitors and regulates upstream pressure
  • AKA reverse acting regulators


  • No external power is needed to position the valve
  • No need for separate measuring elements or feedback controllers
  • Designs tend to be simple, providing low cost, high reliability, and easy maintenance
  • Absence of stem packing eliminates external leakage and sources of high friction
  • Because BPRVs are in direct contact with the controlled variable, they offer very fast response


  • The controlled media must be relatively clean and benign as material of construction are limited
  • BPRVs lose controllability when the pressure drop across the valve becomes small because the media cannot supply enough operating power
  • Operating points are not constant due to pressure build up
  • BPRVs cannot accommodate anti- noise/cavitation trims

For more back pressure basics, watch the complete webinar recording below:

Download the presentation slides [1 MB .PDF]


See a side-by-side comparison of Jordan Valves regulators to decide which fits best in your application.

Still not sure which valve is right for your application? See our full Jordan Valve product offering or give us a call. We are happy to help!

(800) 953-7626

Lesman is the premiere stocking representative for process valving, controls, and measurement instrumentation, serving customers in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Eastern Missouri, Eastern Iowa, and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.


About the presenters:

130x182-Speaker-Harry-WoebkenbergHarry Woebkenberg joined Richards Industries as product manager for Jordan Valves in 2008, and has served as vice president of marketing since 2014. Prior to that, he held a variety of marketing and sales positions with a local valve manufacturer. He is a graduate of Thomas More College, and a member of the University of Notre Dame Monogram Club.

We’re pleased to welcome Harry back as a repeat webinar presenter. His first session, Process Regulators 101 is the most watched video on the Lesman YouTube channel, with more than 42,000 views.

130x182-Speaker-Lyle-HamiltonLyle Hamilton has been a key member of Richards Industries’ engineering team for almost 20 years. As project engineer, his responsibilities include new product development and technical support for the Jordan and Steriflow product lines. He has been published in Processing Magazine and Valve World. Lyle earned his degree from the University of Houston and moved to Cincinnati to join Richards in 1996.

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