Five Key Features Required for a Perfect Fit Distributed Control System

If you work in the industrial sector, you understand the never-ending push to increase uptime and improve reliability at your plant. Today’s processes require faster and more accurate engineering. Because of this, most companies are looking for ways to boost operational effectiveness and increase maintenance efficiency at their plants.

A distributed control system (DCS) is a control system where control elements are distributed throughout the system, as opposed to using a single controller at a central location. But how do you choose the right DCS? And how do you decide what functions are critical to your process?Functional_levels_of_a_Distributed_Control_System.svg

Honeywell recently released a white paper that discusses five key features for a perfect fit DCS if you’re thinking about implementing one at your plant.

First, a DCS should be proven in the most demanding automation environments. It should improve operation efficiency and enable faster, more reliable batch control. The system should be stable and time-tested with proven communication networks for fault tolerance, performance and security.

Second, the system should be robust with built-in redundancy and central data ownership. A shared database across controllers and HMIs makes handling global data more manageable and consistent. And, an integrated station environment will give you direct access to controllers for process data, giving you more control of your process.

The third feature is that the technology should meet your specific application demands. Today, there is a growing demand for a flexible DCS that can be used for diverse industrial applications. This calls for a system that is both reliable and customizable to your process. A flexible and compact I/O design tailored to your organization can simplify project execution and reduce maintenance costs.

…To read the remaining two features, download the complete Honeywell E-book.

“Discover a perfect fit control system with the Honeywell Experion LX — a distribution control system with the right features for all types of manufacturers and industrial enterprises.”

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