How do I re-range a pen scale in Honeywell TrendManager software?

Recently, a customer and I were talking about his Honeywell X-series paperless recorder, and how the information was appearing in TrendManager PC software.

The graphs were showing data with the original pen scales, 0° to 500° F. But the recorder rarely, if ever, read below 100° or above 400°, so there was a lot of “white space” on the trend chart.

Trend chart 0 to 500 degrees F

Could we do anything about it?

Find the wrench icon at the bottom of the scale barYes! Actually, it’s really simple to “zoom in” on the data by changing the scales in TrendManager Pro.

First, look at the scale bars at the left of your trend chart. There’s one for each pen. At the bottom of each bar, you’ll see a yellow wrench icon.

Change pen scale limits dialog boxClick the wrench icon to open the “Change Pen Scale Limits” dialog box.

In the New Span field, enter your highest desired value. In the New Zero field, enter your lowest desired value. Then, click [OK].

Now, repeat the process for each pen that appears in your trend chart. You have to set each one individually.

Your trend chart will now show your custom zero and span values of 100° and 400° F, and the wasted white space will be gone.

Trend chart showing 100 to 400 degrees F

If you ever need to reset the chart, you can use the same procedure to set the values back to 0° and 500°.

Want to learn more about Honeywell’s TrendManager Pro software and how it works with Honeywell X-Series and GR series paperless recorders? Visit


Lesman Instrument Company is the authorized Honeywell stocking distributor in North and Central Illinois, Northern Indiana, Eastern Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. If you are located outside that area, you can find your local sales office or get technical assistance by visiting Honeywell’s contact page.

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