How to keep condensation from affecting Siemens ultrasonic level sensors

Recently, a customer noticed that the Siemens ultrasonic level measurement system he had installed in a storage bin showed a signficant amount of moisture buildup. At extreme temperature changes (like we’ve seen a lot latele here in the Midwest), there’d be moisture buildup on the Echomax ultrasonic transducer, sometimes so severely, they’d have problems from signal loss.

How could they fix it? One quick trip to the local big-box or auto supply store provided a Siemens-supported solution.


Rain-X rain repellantIf you apply Rain-X (available at your nearest local store’s automotive department), the water will be forced off the transducer every time it fires. Rain-X is a hydrophobic silicone polymer, so it helps disburse the beads of water, reducing the moisture build-up on your transducer.

Plus, if you tilt the transducer just a degree or two, the angle will help the water run to the edge and not affect your level measurement signals.

This works especially well with Siemens (Milltronics) Echomax XRS-10 and XRS-15 ultrasonic level transducers when they’re hooked up to a MultiRanger, HydroRanger or the Siemens LUT ultrasonic level devices.

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Lesman Instrument Company is the authorized Siemens representative in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Paducah KY, Wisconsin, and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. If you are located outside that area, you can find your local sales office or get technical assistance by calling 800-365-8766.

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