Reducing Steam Leakage with Delta Element Steam Traps

Typical thermodynamic disc steam trapBecause of the way they operate, all thermodynamic disc traps leak steam. It’s not a question of IF, but of How Much, and how much more over time.

Typically the leakage is two pounds per hour when the trap is new, and increases to about five pounds per hour after just one year in service.

This amount of leakage or wasted steam can be expensive for the steam producer. But before you write it off as an expense you just have to grin and bear, check this out:

Depending on the industry, boiler, fuel, and steam system efficiency the cost of steam ranges from $3 to $10 per thousand pounds per hour.

Annual Cost of Steam Leakage
Cost of Steam
(per 1000 lb/hr)
Annual Leakage Cost
(per trap)
$3.00 $52.00
$4.00 $70.00
$5.00 $87.00
$6.00 $105.00
$7.00 $122.00
$8.00 $140.00
$9.00 $157.00
$10.00 $175.00

The annual cost assumes the trap is in service 365 days, 24 hours per day based on two pounds per hour. For our customers with more than 100 disc traps in service, the cost of steam leakage adds up quickly!

Delta Element steam trapSo what can you do to save that money?

A Delta Element trap passes no live steam, and is guaranteed for three years against live steam leakage. It’s a single blade element with stainless internals, built-in strainer and check valve. Its energy-efficienty design lets the process use more heat energy from both the steam and condensate.

The Delta Element’s hybrid design uses both thermostatic and thermodynamic principles, so it can continuously discharge condensate as it forms, and eliminate live steam loss at the same time.

Effective September 2012, Richards Industries named Lesman its exclusive factory representative for Bestobell Steam products in Illinois and Northwest Indiana. Learn more at

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