Comparing Honeywell smart transmitters

Honeywell ST800 Smartline TransmitterHoneywell’s new SmartLine ST700 and ST800 pressure transmitter lines are replacing the existing ST3000 100 and 900 series.

If you’re using ST3000 100 series transmitters, you’ll be looking at the ST800 for future units.  If you’re using the ST3000 900 series, the ST700 will be your better fit.

Here’s a breakdown of some key differentiating specs:

Higher Performance General Performance
ST800 ST3000 100 ST700 ST3000 900
Accuracy ±0.0375% standard
±0.025% optional
±0.0375% digital mode
±0.0525% analog
±0.05% ±0.0625% digital mode
±0.075% analog
Speed of Response 80 ms 330 ms 100 ms 330 ms
Stability ±0.01% URL per year
for 10 years
±0.01% URL per year
for lifetime
±0.02% URL per year
for 5 years
±0.01% URL per year

Want to learn more? See Lesman’s offering of Honeywell smart transmitters.

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  1. #1 by Ty on February 3, 2014 - 4:33 pm

    have been noticing heat issues with these transmitters. As in when the st700 external temp heats up, we’re receiving intermittent bad PV on the DCS…. Has anybody else had these problems?

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