Honeywell TrendManager Suite software is Windows 7 compliant

TrendManager Suite is Windows software for Honeywell’s Trendview paperless recorders, which includes the licensed TrendManager Pro (TMP) and Trendserver Pro (TSP) software and the freeware Trendviewer.

The latest release, version, has revisions to the installer that makes the version Windows 7 compliant.   Earlier versions had issues trying to run under Windows 7.   For download and installation details, read further. 
TMP and TSP always install over previous installations.  There is no need to uninstall previous software.

For new TMP/TSP installations in Windows 7, run

If an earlier version was installed, or an attempt was made to install either TMP or TSP), it will be necessary to install using the procedure below, which writes over previous registry entries that might inhibit full functionality.

The procedure for installing V6.1.38.0 when earlier TMP/TSP versions have already been installed:
  1)      Right click on the executable
  2)      Select “run as administrator”

To download the most recent version,, go to this link,

There is no charge for downloading the software, but a new installation requires a license code for TMP or TSP.   Updates within Version 6 are free.  This version will update any earlier V6 Trendmanager version. 

Scroll down to the TrendManager Suite link (shown below), which is a pdf file. 

Open the single page pdf file and use its link to get to the software download.   Do not install the free Trendviewer if the licensed TMP or TSP is to be installed.  Conflicts will result in limited TMP/TSP functionality with Trendviewer on the same system.

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