Industrial Wireless 101: Free access to webinar recordings

In the past month, I’ve focused several articles on industrial wireless technology. If you’re interested in learning more, here are several webinar recordings you can watch on your own time that will give you more insight into how wireless works, and how companies are using it to extend that measurement base and get process information where they need it to go, even on a limited budget.

My company, Lesman, hosts monthly webinars on a wide variety of topics, and we post the recordings online afterward.  In case you missed them, here are the ones specific to industrial wireless.

  • Industrial Wireless 101:  From basics of line-of-sight and the Fresnel zone to frequency hopping spread spectrum and instrumentation, Lesman’s Chris Modrich touches on all the basics of wireless technology for industrial applications.
  • Banner Engineering: Industrial Wireless I/O Systems for Harsh Environments:  Banner’s Steve Kaminski talks about wireless I/O networks and power solutions for use in varying temperatures and harsh environments.
  • Which Wireless Is Best for Me?  In this session from last August, I take you through the differences between ISA100 wireless, WirelessHART, and the proprietary systems (like Banner and Phoenix Contact) available for implementing wireless in your plant.

If you’re still hungry for more, here’s a list of webinar recordings available for free on-demand viewing from Honeywell, discussing general industrial wireless applications and their ISA100-compliant OneWireless system:

You may find these of particular interest:

  • The truth about multi-application wireless networks: Akhilesh Sah discusses how to evaluate your network needs, explains the difference between plant-wide and field-device only networks, and takes you through a number of wireless architecture scenarios.
  • Getting access to stranded process data: Do you have stranded data that is too difficult to collect? Virgus Volertas explains how Honeywell’s wireless field products portfolio can help you obtain real-time process data, and introduces the OneWireless adapter for adding legacy HART devices to your wireless network.
  • Wireless applications optimize process automation: Learn how the Honeywell OneWireless infrastructure supports integrating wireless field instruments into control strategies and how to implement applications

My question to you:

What topic would you be most interested in seeing in an upcoming webinar? We’re always looking for ideas, and would appreciate your input.

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