Newly revised Honeywell stripchart manual has navigation overviews

While talking with people in an instrument shop last week, a technician popped in with a question on settings for a Honeywell paper strip chart recorder, the DPR 250.  I always have to look up the keypad navigation paths because I can’t remember them. 

strip chart recorder keypad navigation paths

The tech dug up a very old paper manual that was probably serial #1 from back in the mid 1990s.  

Guess what?  I thumbed through the manual but couldn’t find the graphic layout of the navigation menu layouts.  I but found only text.  

How frustrating to not find the overview that sums it all up!   A picture is truly worth a thousand words.   I wished I had the pdf document I’d compiled with all the graphical menu layouts: the overview and all of the individual group navigation menus consolidated in one place.  Lucky for me, the latest version of the user manual has exactly what I was looking for!

If your plant has any of the hundreds of the strip chart DPRs that are still in service, you might want to download the latest DPR manual and/or the consolidated menu navigation document from my company’s website. Or, bookmark this stripchart recorders page, so you can get the most recent versions of the manuals for Honeywell stripchart recorders when you need them.

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