Are thermocouple heads and transmitters interchangeable between brands?

Ever wonder if you can mix brands of thermocouple heads, transmitters, or junction blocks?  The other day, I was trying to figure out if I could, and I ran into a spec I didn’t understand – DIN Form B. So, what exactly is DIN Form B, and how does it relate to thermocouple heads, transmitters and junction blocks?

DIN Form B dimensions: mounting, head, and puck-style transmitterHere’s what I found…

DIN is the German institute for standardization.   The DIN Form B standard defines the mounting screw spacing,  maximum diameter and height for field-mounted temperature transmitters.  

A DIN Form B terminal block or head-mounted transmitter will fit and mount in any DIN Form B head. So, in theory, all DIN form B heads and transmitters are interchangeable.  (Look for the 1.313″ or 33.35mm nominal spacing for the mounting screws.) The implication of DIN form B is that the size of a head-mounted transmitter is limited.   Most transmitters that are not hockey puck styles will not fit in a DIN form B head. 


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