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Siemens Magnetic Flowmeters Available from Factory Stock at BIG Discounts

This exclusive offer for Lesman customers lets you buy Siemens mag meters at great prices with quick delivery from factory stock.

Through March 31, 2016, you can buy these Siemens mags at 55% off list price!

All magmeters here have carbon steel bodies, PFTE liners, Hastelloy C-276 electrodes, ANSI flanged process connections and NPT threaded transmitter connections.Siemens Magmeter SALE

What’s available:


Buy a discounted Siemens magmeter now!


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Get Your Lesman Level Catalog!

Our level products manufacturers have released several new instruments to make your measurement tasks easier, more efficient, and more effective. So, we’ve put together a new Lesman Level Products catalog to introduce you to the latest technology.
Level MiniCat
What’s inside?

  • The latest in continuous radar for use in liquids, solids, hygienic processes, or harsh environments
  • New continuous ultrasonics from Siemens
  • Hygienic level products from Siemens and Sartorius
  • New guided wave radar from Honeywell
  • Tips to help you find the perfect fit level instrumentation for your application


Sign up to receive your FREE copy of the new Lesman Level Measurement catalog.

Why wait? Download a digital copy now!


Need help finding the right instrument for your application? Fill out an application datasheet and send it to Lesman. We’ll make sure you get the right instruments for your process.

Prefer to speak to a member of our sales team?

Give us a call! (800) 953-7626


Lesman is the premiere stocking representative for process valving, controls, and measurement instrumentation, serving customers in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Eastern Missouri, Eastern Iowa, and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

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Move New Multi/HydroRanger Level Controller Guts into an Existing Multi/HydroRanger Enclosure

Written by: Dan Weise

The venerable Siemens Milltronics line of level controllers, the MultiRanger and HydroRanger Series, recently received a major update. The new models have high resolution LCD displays and built-in configuration tools with English language menus. Configuration time is reduced significantly without the need to reference manuals for parameter codes. These updated models have ‘HMI’ in the model name: MultiRanger HMI or HydroRanger HMI.

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Regulators 101: Pressure vs. Back Pressure

Let’s start with the basics.

What is a pressure regulator?How a Pressure Regulator Works

A pressure regulator is a normally-open valve used to regulate or reduce undesirable, high upstream pressure. The pressure regulator must be installed at the START of a system, before any pressure-sensitive equipment.

The valve is held open by springs, and a screw that sets spring force. When outlet pressure exceeds the setpoint, the valve will close. When the valve closes, pressure is reduced downstream.

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LR560 ignores dust, reports true level

In a coal-fired power plant, the coal is transported from the yard to the silos on a conveyor system.


The process of dumping coal from the conveyed buckets into the silo creates a lot of dust.

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Viewing data logs in Excel format (Siemens LUT 400 Ultrasonic Level Controller)

Written by: Dan Weise

Siemens’ LUT 400 saves data values and alarm events in text-formatted log files. This note covers how to get the files out of the LUT400 to view them in spreadsheet format using Siemens Log Importer macro for Excel.
Lut 400 1

The text files are extracted from the LUT400 over a USB cable (mini B type connector).  When the USB cable is connected to your PC, the LUT400 appears as a removable drive (circled in red, below)

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Belt Scales 101: Webinar Recap

In case you missed last week’s webinar on belt scales, we’ve put together some of the key points:

Conveyor Considerations: Use strings to align the scale with the idlers on each side of the weigh bridge.Idler.png

  • Each idler should be parallel to the idler next to it.
  • The center of each idler should be in line with the idler next to it.
  • Each idler should not be higher or lower than the idler next to it.
  • Minimum of 2, preferred 3, idlers on each side of the weigh bridge


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